Processing Castor Meal for Detoxification & Deallergenation:Technical Bulletin #1

castor-mealProcessing Castor Meal

The publishing of this brochure by the International Castor Oil Association, Processing Castor Meal for Detoxification & Deallergenation:Technical Bulletin #1, leads the way for the castor oil industry to establish the technical aspects of castor processing and foster the growth and use of castor products. This study on the detoxification and deallergenation of castor meal is a complex technical presentation covering many years of accumulated technology. For those who are not familiar with, nor primarily interested or involved in the technological aspects of castor meal processing, we present summaries in the introduction and conclusions of the presentation. This study addresses the problems of castor meal toxicity and allergenicity from its early recognition and traces the scientific efforts made to correct the problems. Investigations and solutions offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the ultimate conclusion developed by a United Nations Industrial Development Organization supported pilot program for continuous detoxification, are presented.

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