Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been defined by some, as “the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society,” and increasingly, businesses are encouraged to have in place a CSR process to integrate social, environmental, ethical human rights and consumer concerns into their business operations.

There is increasing recognition that CSR principles should be incorporated into daily business decision-making in a variety of contexts.

The International Castor Oil Association, Inc. (ICOA) desires to make a statement in support of the concepts underlying CSR, and to make a tangible contribution to the education of its membership about CSR.

ICOA embraces the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and urges businesses in all aspects of the castor industry – both members and non-members – to strive to integrate into their daily business decision-making and activities, the concepts underlying CSR.

ICOA shall itself work to collect information and disseminate CSR resources, and attempt to make CSR meaningful and practical to businesses operating in the castor industry, including providing sample CSR statements that businesses may wish to adopt the concepts underlying CSR.


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ICOA CSR Statement